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Arbor Day Weekend

The Arbor Day Weekend sale prices (but not the free potted transplant) are available to the public even if you did not purchase a Christmas Tree.


Again in 2018!

This popular special event takes place, not during the Christmas season, but the end of April over Arbor Day weekend. With each Pinestead Christmas tree purchase—either choose and cut or pre-cut—you get a certificate for a FREE potted transplant the following Arbor Day weekend. If you purchased a Christmas tree during the 2016 Christmas season, then stop by with your certificate on either Saturday, April 28th or Sunday, April 29th, 2017 to pick up your tree.


These are not seedlings. These are either three or four year old transplants—the same trees we plant in our fields. For your convenience they are individually potted in one gallon containers. We also provide a planting and care instruction sheet.


You will have your choice of one or more varieties of fir, spruce, or pine.


You can purchase additional potted transplants at $5.00 each (purchase quantities may be limited). Plus we will have larger potted trees and ball and burlap trees available at special Arbor Day weekend discount pricing.


These are some of the potted transplants we were giving away with your certificate from Christmas or selling for $5.00 each. Not shown are the White Pine. 


Fraser Fir

Balsam Fir

Blue Spruce