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Current Status of Choose & Cut and Pre Cut trees

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Starting in mid-November. visit the individual tree types under Christmas Tree Selections to view recent photos of the fields prior to the season opening.  



Many of our customers drive out from either Minneapolis or St. Paul and even the southern suburbs. This page, indeed this entire website, is intended to make sure you have all the necessary information before you leave home. This is one of the big family outings of the year and we want it to be great -- no surprises, no disappointments. Expectations exceeded! 


The following is the status of both the choose and cut Christmas trees available for cutting in the field and those available in our lighted pre-cut lot here at Isanti Pinestead. The old maxim: "shop early for best selection" does apply.

Our overall inventory of Choose and Cut trees for 2018 should be roughly the same as last year--and last year we did not have to close fields early--which we will do to , if necessary, to retain trees for upcoming years.  The following table reflects this years season.

  Start of Season
Choose and Cut (U-Cut)
Start of Season
Fresh Pre-Cut
Fraser Fir  Large selection of 7'-8' and 8'-9'
some 6'-'7', some 9'-10', and a few 10' plus
All sizes from 6' up to
10'-12, a few up to 14'  
Balsam Fir  Large selection of 7'-8',
some 6'-'7 and some 8'-9' 
 All sizes from 6' up to
Blue Spruce Large selection of 7'-8',
some 6'-'7 and a few 8'-9'
Choose & Cut only,
no Pre-cuts.
White Pine Good selection of 7'-8', few over 8'  Some 6-7' and 7-8'
Scotch Pine Good selection of 6'-7' and 7'-8', few over 8' Some 6'-7'and 7-8'.

Norway Pine Good selection of 7'-8', few over 8' Choose & Cut only,
no Pre-cuts
Black Hills Spruce
(After December 8th)
Good selection of 7'8' and 8-9' Choose & Cut only,
no Pre-cuts


We also have an assorted selection of pre-cut table-tops in the 3'-6' range.


All trees--U-cut or pre-cut get the same full service treatment. We'll shake them to remove the dead needles, bale them, drill them for a spiked tree stand if necessary, and tie them on your vehicle at no additional charge. In addition, we'll put a fresh cut on pre-cuts. Of course all the fun family activities are available to pre-cut customers, for example, many pre-cut customers will also take a hay wagon ride through the fields.  Yes--we do provide saws for our U-cut customers.

***2018 PRICING***

All trees in the field are pre-priced with a easily seen red and white tag that identifies the type of tree, and the price. If there is no price tag, the tree is being held back for a future year and it is not available for cutting. Please respect our tagging system as it helps to insure that you have a good selection of full sized trees in future years. 

The tag must remain on the tree and will be removed by staff at shaking/baling.  Customer removal will result in the tree being remeasured and repriced at shake/bale.

Prices are subject to change without notice.







Our U-cut pricing is based on a establishing a baseline price for a 7' to 8' USDA premium (a good-all-the-way-around tree). Trees with a bad side or other blemishes such as a bent leader, or smaller trees are marked down accordingly. Likewise larger 8-9 foot or 9-10 foot trees are marked up accordingly.


Fraser Fir:      $59.95*     White Pine:    $34.95*


Balsam Fir:     $49.95*     Scotch Pine:   $34.95*


Blue Spruce:     $44.95*    Norway Pine:  $34.95*

Black Hills Spruce: $44.95*


*Baseline prices (as described above) for a 7'-8' U-cut tree.


Our Pre-cut pricing is typically a few dollars per tree more then the U-cut pricing , but likewise can vary considerably in either direction depending on the size and quality of the tree. Some "blue ribbon" trees that we consider state fair contest candidates are premium priced. Prices on pre-cut trees can range from under $10.00 for table top trees to over $100.00 for 10' to 12' premium Fraser Fir or Balsam Fir.