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MNCTA 2010 Summer Field Days

Phil, Helen, and Greg  attended the two day MNCTA field days held this year at Turck’s Tree Farm near Litchfield.  As opposed to the more marketing oriented convention held in February (see earlier post), the summer convention is heavily focused on the growing aspects of Christmas trees.

We had specialists in diseases, insects, and plant pathology from the University of Minnesota walk through the fields with us to help identify issues and corrective actions.  We also had equipment demonstrations by several vendors.  Helen also attended a wreath making session.

People often ask us how did we learn to grow trees.  The short answer is through meetings such as this where you can meet and discuss problems with the experts and, most importantly, share your experiences with other growers.  The long answer is now 27 years long–we planted our first trees in 1983.



Our New Mascot!

We now have a new mascot.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) he’ll be sleeping somewhere when you come to visit us at Christmas so you won’t see him around.


The Blue Spruce are great, but I think I'll look around some more.



Maybe I'll just bypass the Balsam Fir for now.



Think I'll cross the creek and instead check out the Fraser Fir.