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New patio and firepit

Shown is the new firepit and patio area that Greg installed this fall.  We'll have a campfire in it on weekends during the Christmas season.  We still have to cut another half dozen stumps and install our antique tractor seats on them.  This year we are also preparing Christmas carol songsheets in which the lyrics are in the same order as the music playing on the overhead speakers.  There will be no excuse for not joining in with Gene Autry, Bing Crosby, Mitch Miller, and the rest of the gang!



Pinestead Creek Nature Trail

This year we are adding a nature trail along the east end of our creek.  It’s the part of the creek that is totally wild so it has taken some work on our part to clear enough trees (and lots of deadfalls), brush, and waist-high grasses.  It will go from the driveway area along one side of the creek and back again on the other side.  The total length will be a little over 1/3rd mile.