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Christmas Tree Selections


239One of the best things about a real Christmas tree is that each one is unique. No two are ever exactly alike. We grow several varieties of trees so that you can find exactly what you want - tall and thin or short and bushy, tightly or loosely sheared, long needle or short needle. Some like the sturdier branches of a Colorado Blue Spruce, or the scent of a Balsam Fir, or perhaps the wispy look of a White Pine. Others like a Scotch Pine, the tree they had as a kid, or our Minnesota state tree, the Norway Pine. More Recently, the Fraser Fir has gained in popularity with its dark green needles and silver undertone. We grow all of these in our choose and cut fields.


241In addition, we have a large lighted pre-cut lot by the gift shop. The above varieties are also available as fresh pre-cut trees.  We are now harvesting Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir for our pre-cut lot from our newest location just five miles from Isanti Pinestead. It is handy for making additional cuttings of fresh trees during the season.


Whether you decide to cut your own or select a pre-cut Christmas tree, a great starting point is by our large greeting sign by the courtyard area where we have a display of all the varieties. 


A click on the below images will take you to our choose and cut selections where there are current photos of each tree type or view our pre-cut selections



Although not shown, we also have a selection of Black Hills Spruce available starting the first weekend in December.

In general, the pine has the best needle retention, followed by the fir, and then the spruce. However, proper home care is more important than the type of tree. Our Christmas Tree Care page can assist you in the proper care of your tree.


To assist in your selection we have an Availability and Pricing page that we update several times during the season. 


All trees, both U-cut and pre-cut, get the same full service treatment. We shake them to remove any dead needles, bale them for your ease of handling, drill them if you have a spiked tree stand, and tie them on to your vehicle. (Note--shake and bale is at customer request and customer risk if the temperature is below 10 degrees as the branches become excessively brittle and subject to breakage.) 


This short video shows us baling a big fat White Spruce