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Comments and Suggestions from 2017 (last year)


Each year we always have a drawing for a free tree or wreath for the following year.  The drawing slip includes a "Comments/Suggestions" area. The following, in their entirety, are the comments and suggestions from the most recent season. We have always placed the comments and suggestions, and any appropriate responses in bold, in a notebook in the gift shop. We now also post them on our website so that they are available to all site visitors.


We wish to thank all our customers who took the time to share their Pinestead experience with us. Through them we have learned and we have made changes. In addition, when things get rough; late frosts, drought conditions, insect infestations... your kind comments encourage us and sustain us.


·       “Beautiful trees and experience! Thank you.”  J. I., Isanti

·      “Very nice!”  C. K., Braham

·      “Merry Christmas!” M. A., Cambridge

·      “We love your trees!”  L. D., Hugo

·      “Great price!  Maybe a great place to continue tradition!”  K. B., St. Francis

·      “Beautiful decorations/trains inside!”  G. S., Cambridge

·      “Everyone was awesome!”  K. L., Stacy

·      “I had so much fun.  I was all by myself & I never leave the house much.”  S L., Andover

·      “We need more 6’-7’ trees.”  B. T., Robbinsdale

·      “Came here with my Dad.  His health hasn’t been great, but he insisted to come here because he loves it!”  G. W., Cambridge

·      “This place was great!  Very great service.  Thank you so much.”  D. B., St. Paul

·      “Great!”  B. L., East Bethel

·      “Nice place!”  A. M., Braham

·      “Absolutely fantastic!  Will be back.”  K. H., Lino Lakes

·      “Love your tree farm!  It’s a family tradition.”  K. T., Isanti

·      “This is our first time here and we love it!”  A. J.  Hugo

·      “Awesome experiences!”  J. K., Maple Grove

·      “First time here starting a new family tradition.”  M. B., Brooklyn Center

·      “1st time here and it is very nice!  Everyone is friendly.  Took the little hayride around and went inside to look around!”  J. J., Grasston

·      “Love the chance to see Mr/Ms Claus and the petty “zoo”.” P. M., St. Paul

·      “Thank you for the awesome and kid friendly experience!”  East Bethel

·      “Wonderful place for a day with family!  Thank you!  J. M., Barham

·      “I love this place, it’s so beautiful!”  F. C., Stillwater

·      “Love it.  Such a pretty farm.”  J. C., Isanti

·      “We’ve been coming for 19 years.  Best tree farm in this area!!  Love the gift shop too.”  K. P., Isanti

·      “We love coming here every year to get our tree!  Merry Christmas!  K. W., Cambridge

·      “More cheese curds per serving.”  B. W., Cambridge  I’ll tell them.

·      “Love it. Thank you!”  M. G., West St. Paul

·      “It was a very good experience.”  J. V., North Branch

·      “We love this place!  My favorite time of the year!  In our fifth year!!”  B. F., Plymouth

·      “My first year with my girlfriend and her family!  Loved it.  S. N., St. Paul

·      “Great family fun, but please grow more long needles.”  A. R., Andover  Sorry, but there is almost no demand for long needled trees (Norway Pine), even the demand for medium length (Scotch Pine) declines each year.

·      “Merry Christmas.  Here every year.”  C. K., Bethel

·      “Beautiful Place.”  M. H., Cambridge

·      “Great time.”  M. T., Hilltop

·      “Loved it.  Sleds are a good idea.  Prices were fair.  Free tie down was amazing.”  M. Y., Brooklyn Park

·      “Live music/carolers”  We have had from time to time.  Anything like that would be posted in advance on the web site.

·      “Thank you—Have come for years—though long ago, we do miss the corn maze.  S. O., Minneapolis

·      “Love this place.  Been coming hear for over 20 years.  J. D., Ham Lake

·      “Thanks so much for this—one of our favorite Christmas traditions.”  M. K., Ham Lake

·      “We’ve been coming here for about 20yrs.  Love the experience every year.  Thank you.  R. S., Princeton

·      “We had a great time at the tree farm.”  Sam (Kids handwriting), Minneapolis

·      “You guys rock!  Have come every year!”  N. E., Isanti

·      “We come every year.”  D. G., Cambridge

·      MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Here every year.”  C. K., Bethel

·      “Amazing place.  Moved from Florida and this is what I wanted!!”  J. S., Bethel

·      “We return annually.  Nice tree farm!”  V. Cambridge

·      “Love you guys!  7th year.”  K. K., East Bethel

·      “No need to suggest anything.  Its perfect.  Maybe more ornament selection.”  C. G. Isanti  We have greatly expanded our ornament selection, however, by the weekend of December 9th, which is when you came, we are about 80% done for the season and thus the selection is down.

·      “My sister and I come and get trees every year.  This year we actually went out and cut our own—COLD—but worth it.  S. L., Brooklyn Park

·      “Nicely organized.  First time, Great experience.”  N. B., Coon Rapids

·      “We come here every year.  Love it.”  F. F., East Bethel

·      “Have an awesome Merry Christmas!!”  K. S., Isanti

·      “Kids have grown up choosing trees here, love it!”  C. G., Braham

·      “Love it here!  Thank you for another lovely experience!”  M. M., Coon Rapids

·      “Fire would be nice at all times, even at night.”  C. S., Isanti 

·      “Great selection of trees!”  M. H., Wyoming

·      “We love this place!!”  K. M., Ham Lake

·      “Nice place!  We needed a warmer day—but fun adventure anyways!”  A. F., North Branch

·      “Awesome!”  E. B., North Branch

·      “We love your tree farm!!!”  L. D., Hugo

·      “Wonderful place.”  J. B., Zimmerman

·      “Love your tree farm!!”  S. K., Stacy

·      “Loved your place.  1st time.  Nice trees.  Found on line—great website.”  G. P., Minneapolis

·      “We had a great time as usual! Ho ho ho!!”  A. J., Minneapolis

·      “Come with my family every year!  5th year!”  R. C., Minneapolis

·      “Love it here, the shop is fun.  The train is very neat.  Great trees, family oriented.”  P. E., Ham Lake

·      “Love your farm.  We come every year.”  T. C., Minneapolis

·      “Fourth year coming.”  R. P., Ham Lake

·      “It wouldn’t be Christmas, without a Pinestead tree.”  M. B., Minneapolis

·      “Awesome.  First time out here!  Even in the dark, we had fun!  GREAT tree selection!!!”  D. S., Fridley

·      “Merry Christmas!  Thank you SO much for having the Wounded Warrior Project out.  My family loves coming every year.”  J. N., Monticello

·      “More Norway Pines!”  R. P., Fridley  We have not planted Norway Pine for the last several years and will not be planting in the future as there is almost no market for them anymore.

·      “More chicken during WWP event at the farm.  They ran out last year by 11:30 and this year.  We love your farm!”  G. B., Sauk Rapids  We’ll talk to the food truck people

·      “Very nice!  Family tradition.”  C. T., Rush City

·      “We love it here!”  S. S., Harris

·      “Our family comes here every year!  Family traditions.”  S. H., Princeton

·      “Second time.  Love this place.”  F. A., Maple Grove

·      “Last year was our 1st year visiting Pinestead and it was the best tree ever!”  S. L., Coon Rapids

·      “My parents brought us here when we were kids.”  B. D., River Falls, WI

·      “I love Pinestead!”  J. R., East Bethel

·      “Love everything!”  C. W., Wyoming

·      “Merry Christmas Katie and Greg!!”  J. S., Elk River

·      “Beautiful place!”  A. N., Monticello

·      “We love coming here with the Wounded Warrior Project!  Thank you for hosting us.  It means a great deal to all of us!  Merry Christmas.”  A. S., Columbus

·      “We love this place.  Have been coming here for 3 years with my daughter.”  B. E., Willow River

·      “I like it because I come here with my dad.”  (child’s handwriting) K. E., Willow River

·      “Many times here.”  J. K., Cambridge

·      “8th year for us at Pinestead!”  J. M., Forest Lake

·      “Everything was great!  But we missed Santa by 3 minutes!”  J. C., Litchfield

·      “Our favorite place to come.”  C. G., Cambridge

·      “So Fun!”  C. H., Minneapolis

·      “We visited on 12/3 at 3:00-4:00pm.  The young men who helped bag and tie our tree were so courteous and friendly and even played w/our 6-8 year old boys to keep them occupied. Great service!  We will be back!”  N. K., Centerville  Thank you.  We are so impressed with the young people that work for us.

·      “The kids helping tie our tree were amazing!  My son even helped!”  R. S., Cambridge

·      “Thanks for another beautiful TREE!”  A. K., Oak Grove

·      “We love this place!  The staff are great.  And we enjoy shopping in the store as well.”  S. I., Isanti

·      “This place is awesome!”  A. C., New Hope

·      “Our 1st year here and we love it!”  S. K., Stacy

·      “I like it.”  (child’s handwriting) L. R., Stacy

·      “Great selection of trees.  Beautiful farm.”  L. M., Andover

·      “Love this place.  Keep up the good work.  Merry Christmas.”  S. W., Isanti

·      “Very fun!”  T. G., Blaine

·      “Fun picking out our own tree.  Kids love Santa.”  C. O., Big Lake

·      “Loved this place.”  C. M., Isanti

·      “Love this place!”  S. M., Braham

·      “We love this place!  It’s a new family tradition to come here, cut a tree and pick an ornament!  The staff is so friendly!”  K. D., Mounds View

·      “Love your trees!”  H. S., Minneapolis

·      “Good trees!!”  A. Z., Braham

·      “No suggestions.  We love it here!”  K. G., Andover

·      “Best tree farm we have ben to.  Merry Christmas.”  L. S., Maple Grove

·      “We love Pinestead!  Such a fun experience each Christmas.”  S. M., Blaine

·      “Great place, trees and fun!!”  B. G., Shoreview

·      “We had a great time like always!” 

·      “Love this place!  2 years in a row!!”  M. P., Coon Rapids

·      “Great trees!”  K.  St Louis Park

·      “So fun!  Family tradition.”  S. H., Champlin

·      “Fun.”  L. H., Champlin

·      “Great service!  Nice selection!”  T. D., Andover

·      “Great experience!”  S. G., Crystal

·      “So much fun!!”  J. O., Isanti

·      “Your trees are beautiful.  Need a few more small ones.”  S. O., Coon Rapids

·      “Part of our Christmas traditions includes our trip up to Pinestead with the whole family—Love it!”  C. S., New Brighton

·      “Please plant more Blacks Hills Spruce trees!  We come here for them.”  K. R., Coon Rapids  We are continuing to plant them and should have more available each year.

·      “We have been coming for years and love your trees.”  K. E., Minneapolis

·      “1st time coming here, absolutely loved it!”  A. K., Stacy

·      “Love this tree farm!”  H. S., Andover

·      Excellent overall experience!!”  D. S., Maple Grove

·      “Great experience as always.  Since 1998.”  T. O., Andover

·      “Great!”  J. B., Cambridge

·      “Awesome fun every year!  Trees are beautiful.”  C. C., Isanti

·      “18th year in a row at Pinestead!  Love you guys.”  L. L., Maplewood

·      “We love Pinestead tree farms!”  S. K., Isanti

·      “Amazing to pick out and cut!”  A. N., Minneapolis

·      “Beautiful farm!”  K. D., Ramsey

·      “This is me and my wife’s second year coming here.  We will be back next year for sure!”  J. V., East Bethel

·      “Great place, amazing Christmas atmosphere.  Love my tree.”  D. B., Burnsville

·      “Very nice place and very good people.”  B. O., Brooklyn Park

·      “We love it here!  Thank you for a fun annual tradition.”  K. K., Cambridge

·      “Beautiful!  I came here growing up and love the farm is still thriving to bring my kids to.!”  J. S., Rush City

·      “Love coming here every year!”  K T., Cedar

·      “Always a pleasure.  Merry Christmas!”  D. B. Oak Grove

·      “Heard about you through a friend.  Very cute place.  I enjoyed every min!  THANK you.”  J. S., Ramsey

·      “LOVE!  Your farm.  L. S., East Bethel

·      “Love it here!  Marks the start of Christmas season each year!”  N. K., Cambridge

·      “Nice place!”  G. P., Isanti

·      “Have hot chocolate on weekdays.”  K. G., North Oaks  Sorry, but our experience with hot chocolate is that it is way to messy to deal with and it can’t easily be made in advance.

·      “Nice trees, like that you are open during weekend.”  J. F., Shoreview

·      “Always the best.”  J. R., Nowthen

·      “Beautiful farm.  We will be back.”  C. L., North Branch

·      “Great selection.”  N. R., Eagan

·      “We love this place—we come every year!!”  J. C., Andover

·      “Great experience!”  M. M., Minneapolis

·      “17th year.  Your great!”  T. E., Cambridge

·      “Great trees!  We love it.”  B. S., Ham Lake

·      “Love your farm and the peaceful fun atmosphere!”  K. S., Coon Rapids

·      “We love your tree farm!!”  D. B., Cambridge

·      “Love this place!”  M. K., Saint Francis

·      “Love the Norways.  Still!  Sad they’ll run out someday.”  K. O., Blaine

·      “Love it here!”  J. F., Princeton

·      “Fun as always!  Thank you.”  D. L., Braham

·      “First Christmas as a married couple next year.”  C. M., Maple Grove

·      “These are the best trees we have ever seen—very impressed!”  S. D., Ham Lake

·      “Thank you for being part of our family tradition!!”  G. M., Minneapolis

·      “2nd time here.”  S. J., Ham Lake

·      “Love it here.”  L. P., Ham Lake

·      “Coming for years—love you guys.  Merry Christmas!”  C R. Cambridge

·      “We love coming here!”  R. S., Andover

·      “Like how shake and bale was included!”  C. M., Cambridge

·      “6th time (great job!}.  C. L., Isanti

·      “Love this place!  So much fun for the family!”  C. S., Brooklyn Park

·      “Love the place!  We come every year!”  B. W., Bethel

·      “Pray for us through our first year without our mom.  And keep that train going!!!”  J. M., Minneapolis

·      “Always love the big Norways!”  J. O., Blaine

·      “2nd time here, love it!”  L. M., Cedar

·      “Amazing!”  R. C., Cambridge

·      “We’ve been coming for four years in a row.”  M. A., Cambridge

·      “We really liked our experience.  We will definitely come back.  I don’t think I would change anything.  Plenty of happy, friendly help!”  N. S., Wyoming

·      “Been coming 20yrs.” D. C., New Brighton

·      “Norway Pines are the best!!”  L. T., Blaine

·      “Always a good time.”  R. R., Cambridge

·      “Love your farm!”  J. B., Ham Lake

·      “We love this place!  We come every year and love all the activities along with you great selection of trees!”  S. K., Andover

·      “This is our first year getting a real tree!”  A. S., Blaine

·      “Love it here!”  M. R., Rogers

·      “This is my favorite Christmas tree place!  It’s only my second year here and I’m gonna keep coming!”  S. M., Anoka

·      “This is my first time here and I love it!”

·      “Love your tree selection!  You always have the best looking trees. Love coming here—staff is great, too!”  J. R., Andover

·      “This has become a family tradition!”  M. P., Ham Lake

·      “Keep up the great work!!”  C. N., Elk River

·      “Love this place!! Very warm and Friendly.”  C. M., Ramsey

·      “Awesome!”  S. K., Cambridge

·      “Thanks for the slash.”  A. F., Blaine

·      “Everything was great!”  T. P., Lino Lakes

·      “You guys are AWESOME!!”  E. H., Minnetonka

·      “Need more Blue Spruce.”  D. L, Blaine  Our supply should increase slightly over the next few years.

·      “Frasier Firs are awesome this year!!”  D. H., Cambridge

·      “Love this place!”  D. P., Circle Pines

·      “Beautiful!”

·      “The bagging crew was awesome!!  Love our tree!!” J. Y., Anoka

·      “I love your tree farm!”  P. Y., Anoka

·      “We have been going hear past 3yrs—Love it!”  S. H., Champlin

·      “Great place.  We come every year.”  K. F., Mora

·      “Awesome tree.  First time.”  N. N., Andover

·      “Wonderful experience.  First time.”  A. N., Andover

·      “Great setup—wonderful trees & spot on when getting people through!”  M. N., Hudson, WI

·      “Best trees.  We always have fun here!”  M. A., Maple Grove

·      “This is our 2nd year here and LOVE this place!  Thank you for everything you do!  See you next year!”  J. A., North Branch

·      “We have been coming here for years.  I was a kid and now I bring my kids!”  J. O., Blaine

·      “We had such a fun day.  All of the trees are beautiful!”  M. W., Lino Lakes

·      “Merry Christmas!”  J. W., Brooklyn Park

·      “First time back in a few years!  Very happy w/ tree & price.”  J. W., Bethel

·      “Awesome lot.  2nd yr here.  Will be back.”  A. S., Columbia Heights

·      “Always fun and easy!”  A. H., East Bethel

·      “First time here, moved from Hawaii, great experience.”  T. D., Andover

·      “Overall experience, my children loved it and enjoyed it.  They had a blast…”  D. D., Andover

·      “Nice!  First time!  Will be back.”  A. K., Hopkins

·      “We love being here…  Keep up the warm, welcoming atmosphere!”  J. S., Maple Grove

·      “Love this place!”  S. C., Eden Prairie

·      “Bigger fire.”  N. S., Bismarck, ND  Fires are a huge attraction for kids and there are lot of small ones around.  Even having a fire is a risk and we are trying to be super careful.

·      “Love it here!  The hot dogs and cider are my favorite!!”  L. B., Minneapolis

·      “Wonderful.  We came last year.”  J. K., Andover

·      “This place is one of the few my wife can find a nice full pine with pine cones!  Thanks.”  J. A., North Branch

·      “Love you guys!  Merry Christmas.”  C. L., Rosemont

·      “We come every year.  LOVE!”  S. N., Cedar

·      “Keep up the amazing work!  I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and will someday bring my kids!”  C. C., Wyoming

·      “Love your farm!”  M. K., Robbinsdale

·      “We love it here!  We look forward to it every year!  Always friendly and helpful staff.  Thank you!”  K. M., Coon Rapids

·      “We love this place!!  You do a great job every year!”  J. L., New Brighton

·      “Great place to visit.  Been coming here for the past 15 years.”  T. M., Bethel

·      “Love it here.  Is a family tradition each year.”  S. S., Pine City

·      “Awesome!”  J. S., Anoka

·      “Coming too many years to remember.”  C. P., Maple Grove

·      “First time here, what a great place.  Thank you.”  N. W., Ham Lake

·      “Wonderful, as always.”  C. N., Wyoming

·      “I love the place.”  S. W., Lake Elmo

·      “First time here.  First time getting a real tree. Kids loved it.”  S. C., St. Francis

·      “Thank you for being part of our annual tradition—3 generations strong!”  D. S., Rush City

·      “Had a fantastic time!  Sure to bee a staple in future family traditions!”  B. D., Lino Lakes

·      “Our favorite day of the year.  We’ve been coming here since you were just a pumpkin patch.  Thank you for being part of our best tradition.  Merry Christmas!”  R. B., Blaine

·      “Best trees around.”  K. P., Isanti

·      “Good trees!”  W. S., Maple Grove

·      “Loved everything.  Our first time here.  Deff coming back.”  L. C., Harris

·      “Love it here!  Been coming for years.”  S. L., New Hope

·      “I love the atmosphere here at Pinestead!!!”  B. A., Cedar

·      “Love it!!”  S. S., Coon Rapids

·      “5 years here.”  L. F., East Bethel

·      “Great!”  M. T., Eden Prairie

·      “Awesome tree selection.  Had so much fun finding our perfect Christmas tree.”  K. P., Minnetonka

·      “Love this place!”  T. H., East Bethel

·      “We have been coming here for 14 years and we love it!!”  J. T., Isanti

·      “Amazing farm + a very cute shop!  Been going here for 12 years!”  A.  Oak Grove

·      “Excellent choices again!!  Only takes a few minutes to pick.  19th year here.”  E. V., White Bear Lake

·      “Love the one stop shopping.”  M. E., Andover

·      “Keep having 50 degree temps!!”  E. J., Shoreview

·      “Love this place!  Second time here.”  H. D., Bloomington

·      “Always enjoy it here.  Been coming with family for almost 20 years.”  R. H., Stanchfield

·      “Enjoy coming here every year.  Staff is helpful and friendly, trees are great, and love the other fun things here.”  S. E., Vadnais Heights

·      “Our family enjoys coming every year!  Everyone is great here!!”  J. D., Harris

·      “Thanks again!”  B. W., B. W., Isanti

·      “Thank you!”  M. s., Fridley

·      “Love it.”  R. B., Blaine

·      “GREAT.  1st trip!  We’ll be back!”  S. S., Shoreview

·      “Thank you!”  K., Andover

·      “We had a great experience!  Usually go to Stacy Tree Farm but had way better trees here and more organized events.”  J. N., East Bethel

·      “Love the photo ops!”  T. K., Harris

·      “Everything is great!!”  K. P., Fridley

·      “Love it here!  Been coming for years.”  J. H., Cambridge

·      “Our 3rd year—we love Pinestead!  Merry Christmas!”  A. P., Champlin

·      “Beautiful trees.”  S. J., Shoreview

·      “Beautiful trees.”  J. K., Blaine

·      “It seems the prices are more consistent this year.  I like that $59.95.  Been coming since we were kids.”  J. S., Blaine

·      “Thanks!”  R. B., Blaine

·      “First time here—wonderful place!”  K. A., Andover

·      “1st time here!  Will be back!  Love it!”  J. B., Ramsey

·      “Love everything!”  M. D., Orono

·      “Great prices.”  L K., Blaine

·      “We love this place.”  S. R., Isanti

·      “Crazy awesome!  We come every year the day after T-day.”  J. K., Minneapolis

·      “Awesome place!”  K. E., Cambridge

·      “Come every year!!”  K. R., Shoreview

·      “Great job as Always.  13th year—has become a family tradition.”  J. L., Isanti

·      “1st time and we will be back!  Great staff.  Fun experiences—“Christmas was in the air”.”  A. O., Andover

·      “Love this place!  10 years strong.”  S. H., Isanti

·      “Thank you!”  C. S., Blaine

·      “Stay just the way you are.  Been coming for 20 years.”  S. O., Cambridge

·      “We love coming here every year!  Merry Christmas!”  S. P., New Hope

·      “We had a great time!  Will definitely make this an annual stop!”  B. J., Bloomington

·      “First Christmas tree!”  L. S., St. Francis

·      “This place is so cute.”  N. B., Maple Grove

·      “Excellent experience.  Beautiful trees.  Helpful employees.  Thank you!”  J. W., St. Michael

·      “Love EVERYTHING about it.  A huge family tradition for us.”  C. H., Mound