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Comments and Suggestions from 2016 (last year)


Each year we always have a drawing for a free tree or wreath for the following year.  The drawing slip includes a "Comments/Suggestions" area. The following, in their entirety, are the comments and suggestions from the most recent season. We have always placed the comments and suggestions, and any appropriate responses in bold, in a notebook in the gift shop. We now also post them on our website so that they are available to all site visitors.


We wish to thank all our customers who took the time to share their Pinestead experience with us. Through them we have learned and we have made changes. In addition, when things get rough; late frosts, drought conditions, insect infestations... your kind comments encourage us and sustain us.

·       “Love this place!!!”  E. B., Cambridge

·       “Such a fun place for the family!!”  D. B., Milaca

·       “Had a great time.”  C. B., Milaca

·       “First time here, great experience!  A family outing like going to the apple orchard/pumpkin patch.  A friend posted on FB that they came here.”  J. D., St. Francis

·       “Great place.  We’ve been coming for five years!”  B. A., Isanti

·       “Great experience.  Keep up the good work!”  N. A., Moorhead

·       “Don’t change a thing.  Love this place.”  G. G., Coon Rapids

·       “More Scotch Pines.”  D. D., Champlin   We are seeing sales of pines decline each year in favor of the firs, especially Fraser Fir.  We have already discontinued planting Norway Pine and may have to do the same with Scotch Pine.

·       “Fabulous selection of trees and wreaths.  We’ve found ourselves a new tree farm!  Saw great reviews online.”  L. S., Maple Grove

·       “PERFECT.  But could use more sleds.”  P. P., Blaine  We had 12 for the opening weekend, 30 by the closing weekend.

·       “Great trees!”  P. B., Clearlake

·       “We love this place!  It is a family tradition to come here.  Everyone here is so friendly and helpful.”  K. M., Coon Rapids

·       “Change nothing!  Merry Christmas.”  A. O., Anoka

·       “LOVE!”  L. H., North Branch

·       “Great place.  We loved it!”  N. S., Coon Rapids

·       “Love coming as a family each year!”  K. S., Cambridge

·       “Path your sidewalks!  People were slipping and cars were getting stuck.”  K. J., Stanchfield  We did bring in additional truckloads of rock for the main lanes and salted slippery spots around the buildings, but not much we can do about the fields.

·       “So much fun!  Everyone is so nice and helpful and this will definitely become a family tradition.”  Z. N., St. Louis Park

·       “We love it!  Yearly tradition!  Best trees around!!”  D. B., Cambridge

·       “Looked you up online—I’ve never had a real tree before!  I’m excited.”  J. M., St. Francis

·       “Great family fun.  Everyone was helpful and friendly.”  J. R., Harris

·       “16th year here.”  T. E., Cambridge

·       “Love it!  Thank you and Merry Christmas.”  D. P., Blaine

·       “It’s our first time here.  We just moved to Isanti.  Great experience.  Thanks.”  S. P., Isanti

·       “Have always loved coming here with my family.  I’m 25 and it’s still a strong tradition!”  E. L., Isanti

·       “Great place!”  K. L.

·       “Love this place.  We’ll be back!!”  C. O., Big Lake

·       “Cool place!”  K. T., East Bethel

·       “This is our 16th year coming here.  It’s the best day of our whole year—best tradition ever.  Thank you!”  R. B., Blaine

·       “Handicapped parking?)  Beautiful and reasonable.”  L. H., Mora  In all these years we have never been asked—but we should have thought of it.  A sign will be posted for next year. 

·       “Great prices this year on the Blue Spruce.  Love it.”  M. S., Zimmerman

·       “Love this place!!”  M. T., St. Francis

·       “Thanks for a great day!”  R. B., Blaine

·       “We love our trees and brag about them.  So many compliments each year!”  A. H., Inver Grove Heights

·       “Always nice trees.”  D. B., Oak Grove

·       “We love Pinestead.  Building memories with a new generation.  Tradition!”  D. S., Rush City

·       “Great place!!”  B. B., Isanti

·       “Great family atmosphere!!  Love it.”  M. H., Crystal

·       “We have been coming for the last 10 years.  You all do and amazing job!!!  We love this place and the memories!  Thank you.”  K. C., Cedar

·       “Our first time here—we loved it!  We’ll definitely be back!  Thank you.”  K. A., Pine City

·       “Don’t change.  You are awesome!!”  J. H., Crystal

·       “Very Fun.”  P. A., Pine City

·       “Family tradition!”  C. C., Lindstrom

·       “Great place!!”  A. N., Isanti

·       “Love the selection.”  J. M., North Branch

·       “Great family place!”  J. C., Braham

·       “Beautiful trees!”  L. S., Forest Lake

·       “1st time cutting our own.”  U. G., Blaine

·       “Great place to bring the kids.  T. Y.”  M. C., Harris

·       “Had a wonderful time!”  K. S., Cambridge

·       “Family tradition!”  J. C., Lindstrom

·       “We come every year.  15+.”  L. B., Cambridge

·       “Love it here!!”  D. M., Stacy

·       “An arrow system to direct us the right way to the tree bailer/shaker thing.”  J. R., Anoka  We had five such signs plus arrows on the map,  we’re not sure where/what else to add, but will keep your suggestion in mind.

·       “Love this place!”  T. L., East Bethel

·       “I love this place.  5th year return.”  P. H., Isanti

·       “Love it here.”  K. A., Nowthen

·       “Love your trees, all so pretty hard to choose one.” P. B., White Bear Lake

·       “Our favorite tree farm!  So magical.”  S. O., St. Francis

·       “Love coming here every year.”  K. R., Plymouth

·       “You guys rock!!”  K. R., Plymouth

·       “Very nice place!!”  K. D., Harris

·       “10 years!”  C. S., Isanti

·       “Google and Facebook, liked your photos the best!”  J. F., Brooklyn Park

·       “Great tree farm!”  K. M., Andover

·       “Love it.”  G. P.,  Circle Pines

·       “Came here for years.  Great Place!”  D. M., Andover

·       “Have come here many times and enjoy it.”  M. E., Isanti

·       “So fun!”  J. Z., East Bethel

·       “Come here year after year.  Great place.”  A. E., Cambridge

·       “Great gift shop, bonfire, warm drinks.”  A. M., Blaine

·       “We love your trees!”  E. D., Shoreview

·       “Our tradition to get our tree here every year.  Best trees ever.”  L. S., Blaine

·       “We are ‘regulars’ and very happy with all you do.”  L. K., Zimmerman

·       “We love coming here!  Thanks for helping make our Christmas special every year!  I have come here many years.”  N. W., Ham Lake

·       “Love the tree farm!”  T. B., East Bethel

·       “More sleds!!”  E. J., Shoreview  We had 12 the weekend you came.  We’ll have 30 when you come back in 2017.

·       “This is beautiful and affordable—Thank You!”  D. H., Isanti

·       “It has been great!  Will come back.”  B. C., Brooklyn Park

·       “Wonderful fun place!”  K. M., Cedar

·       “Great place.  Love it!”  C W., Ham Lake

·       “Great trees!!  Great place!!  16th year returning.”  E. V., White Bear Lake

·       “Great experience as have been the last 20 some years.  Have a blessed Christmas.”  B. B., North Branch

·       “Great place!  We’ll be back.”  D. R., Fridley

·       “Too many to choose from!”  J. R., Isanti  We love this problem!

·       “We love it here and have been coming here for years.  Love the firepit, hotdogs, and hot cocoa!”  C. C., Wyoming

·       “We appreciated the hot water to heat up our baby bottle.  Family Tradition.”  E. P., Shakopee

·       “We have been coming for years and love it!  Keep up the great work!”  E. F., Isanti

·       “One of the best tree farms I’ve been to.”  S M., Andover

·       “Love Pinestead.”  M. R., Andover

·       “We come every year.  The kids love it!!”  J. D., Harris

·       “#1 tree farm in the Twin Cities.”  J. R., Andover

·       “Love this place!”  B. J., Isanti

·       “Great family experience—amazing tree selection!”  L. K., Blaine

·       “Everyone is very helpful.  Really enjoyed it.”  D. D., Harris

·       “This place is Awesome!!!  Love it!”  P. C., Wyoming

·       “Best tree farm in the Metro area!”  J. R., Andover

·       “This is a wonderful place—our family has a great time every year!”  S. R., New Brighton

·       “20 years.”  C B., Blaine

·       “Keep all the good work.”  D. D., Blaine

·       “Nice Place.”  C. K., Blaine

·       “Love this place!”  W. C., Isanti

·       “Wonderful.  Great customer service.”  T. W., St. Anthony

·       “Wonderful Place.  Keep up the great job!”  D. K., Wyoming

·       “So cool that we can cut our own tree down!”  D. P., Braham

·       “Great place!”  A. O., Oak Grove

·       “Best tree farm!”  J. Q., Minneapolis

·       “Thanks for staying open in the pouring rain (others probably closed).  This was the only day we all had to be together.”  K. S., Isanti

·       “Great farm!  Love the animals and the gift shop.”  A. S., St. Cloud

·       “Always love getting Norway’s here!”  J. O., Blaine

·       “2nd year here!  Can’t wait to come again.  Santa & Mrs. Clause are great!  Thank you!”  J. R., East Bethel

·       “Norway’s are the best!!”  L. T., Blaine

·       “Thank you for being open on weekday day hours!”  S. P., Isanti

·       “Merry Christmas!”  S. G., Minneapolis

·       “Love that you are dog friendly!”  K. R., Coon Rapids

·       “Family tradition coming and getting our trees together.  Thanks for that.”  K. M., Roseville

·       “Awesome, been coming for 4 years now.  Going to continue the tradition.”  D. R., Coon Rapids

·       “Very nice selection…just wish there was snow!!”  J. Y., Albertville

·       “Love it!”  R. D., East Bethel

·       “Keep up the great work!!”  J. C., Isanti

·       “Great orientation at arrival, and friendly staff at time of check out.”  J. O., Blaine

·       “I love all the different choices in trees.”  J. H., Crystal

·       “Best tree farm around!  It is my family’s tradition to come here every year!”  M. F., Circle Pines

·       “A family tradition for a reason.  We drive 45 minutes.  Come here because you guys are so great.”  A. Q., St. Paul

·       “More animals for the kids petting.”  D. H., Brooklyn Park  To avoid overcrowding we would need a larger barn which is not in the plans for now.

·       “Love it here!  3rd year in a row.”  T. C., Isanti

·       “You have beautiful trees—love it here—with our grandkids!”  J. K., Wyoming

·       “More rustic ornaments.  Some that say Pinestead.  Thanks.  Love it here!”  C. P., Cedar   That we should be able to do.

·       “We love Pinestead!  Probably been coming for over 20 years and now we bring our daughter!”  R. S., Andover

·       “This is a great place to visit, that’s for the fun and happy memories!”  E. P., Isanti

·       “Beautiful trees, fun experience.”  J. F., North Branch

·       “Best tree farm.  Drove 2 hours to come here.”  S. A., Staples

·       “Goina miss the Norway’s when they’re gone.”  K. O., Blaine

·       “Love White Pine.”  J. V., North Branch

·       “We love you.”  K. S., Andover

·       “What an amazing family friendly place.  We will be back!”  V., Cambridge

·       “We found a beautiful pre-cut Balsam Fir, quilted tree skirt and wreath.  Great place!”  L. S., Cambridge

·       “Come every year!”  M. S., East Bethel

·       “Great!  Thanks!”  S. G., North Branch

·       “Wonderful Fraisers’ and are they Llamas or Alpacas?”  Alpacas

·       “Loved seeing you guys again!”  R. B., Princeton

·       “Cool place, love the trains.”  B. M., Minneapolis

·       “We come every year!”  S. L., Brooklyn Park

·       “Great job as always.”  T. R., Rogers

·       “We loved it!”  L. M., Pine City

·       “Love this place, it’s very unique.  The ornaments and crafts are very cute.”  A. U., East Bethel

·       “Just wish the train was going during the week when we were here.”  S. H., Blaine  We often turn it off when not busy to avoid wear and tear, but we generally turn it back on when people, especially kids, come in.  We apologize and will remember to do so next year.

·       “None!  Love coming here!”  C. F., Ham Lake

·       “Love, Love, Love.”  J. S., Cambridge

·       “27 years and counting!!”  East Bethel

·       “Always enjoy each year we come.”  M. G., Cedar

·       “Great experience.”  P. A., Minnetonka

·       “We had a great time looking for a tree and seeing Santa and Mrs. Santa.  We come every year.”  G. W., Cambridge

·       “Love!”  J. K., Oak Grove

·       “Awesome Place.”  B. L., Hastings

·       “We love you Helen & Phil.”  C. B., Princeton

·       “Awesome as usual!”  P. R., Mounds View

·       “We love taking are whole family here every year and make traditions of cutting down a tree.”  N., Mounds View

·       “We truly love coming every year with our children to Pinestead’s to cut our tree!  Keep up the great service.”  S W., St. Anthony

·       “Thank You!  Great place, family fun warm atmosphere.  We will be back next year!”  R. N., Braham

·       “Fantastic!  This is our 15th year coming and its as comforting as ever!”  J. J., Harris

·       “A cousin told us.  Now we’ve been coming for years.”  T. F., Brooklyn Park

·       “Great place to find the perfect tree.”  A. N., Braham

·       “Our fav. Tree farm!  Thanks for helping make our Christmas special!”  B. B., Blaine

·       “Love your place.  We come every year.  A part of our family Christmas tradition.”  A. W., Ham Lake

·       “Cute place!”  L. K., Cambridge

·       “More trees w/tags!”  L. J., Cambridge.  Sorry, that would simply mean less trees available in future years.  We can only grow so many so fast.

·       “You guys are great!”  J. E., Isanti

·       “We have come here when our boys were little.  Now they come with their children.  Thanks for a great experience.”  D. O., Ham Lake

·       “Love your trees!”  K. K., Champlin

·       “We buy our tree here every year!”  P. Z., Cambridge

·       “Love coming here!  Great place for family time!”  T. R., Cambridge

·       “Great experience!!”  A. W., Columbia Heights

·       “1st time.  Lots of fun!!”  M. A., Cambridge

·       “Was a great first time experience.  Everything was organized and everyone was so friendly and helpful.”  H. E., Cambridge

·       “Always great trees.”  N. M., Cambridge

·       “Found a beautiful tree in no time!  Our 1st time here.  Thanks.”  K. M., Shoreview

·       “This place is lovely and charming. I will for sure be coming back next year!”  C. M.,  Coon Rapids

·       “Been coming here for many years.  Love it!”  N. H., Blaine

·       “Enjoyed our time here.  Friendly.”  J. A., New Hope

·       “The place was beautiful!  The trees and lights were amazing!  We are for sure coming back next year.”  S. M., Coon Rapids

·       “More variety for ornaments.  Otherwise loved it.”  K. E., North Branch

·       “Love this place.”  A G., Cambridge

·       “Been coming here to get our Christmas tree since we got married in 2009.  We now have our two kids that join us!!”  J. E., Isanti

·       “Love Pinestead!”  J. S., Harris

·       “5th year.  Love the Scotch.”  D. O., Harris

·       “We had a great time!”  K. R., Blaine

·       “Fire should be kept up at all times.”  A. H., Columbia Heights  We do on weekends, however, on weekdays it’s hard to justify burning so much wood when there may not be anyone around for extended periods of time.

·       “First time getting a real tree and we had an absolute blast.  Everyone was so nice and helpful.  Definitely a new tradition w/Pinestead.”  S. V., Isanti

·       “We had so much fun!  I really liked the wide variety of activities.”  M. R., Columbia Heights

·       “Been coming here for years!”  D. B., Ham Lake

·       “Love it here!!!”  B. A., Fridley