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Conifer Tree Selections


We have several varieties of Evergreen (Conifer) landscape trees available. Prices are listed on the Pricing and Availability page.


Norway Pine Landscape Trees

 Pinus resinosa


Norway Pine, often called 'Red Pine', the Minnesota State Tree, are common throughout the state. They are used both for landscape purposes and as windbreaks. It's almost impossible to drive down any country road around the twin cities without passing Norway Pine.   

Height: 50'-70'

Spread: 25'-30'

Needles: 4"-6", slender, dark green, in pairs

Cones: 2" oval, in pairs

Soil: ph 5-6, exposed, dry, sandy or gravelly 

Hardiness: zones 2-5

Exposure: full sun









White Pine Landscape Trees

 Pinus strobus


Once the pride of Minnesota's forests before the logging days. Since White Pine respond well to shearing, they are often used as an ornamental in their early years, but their true beauty lies in their natural majestic shape.


In the wild, White Pine can often be seen towering over the other forest trees. Douglas Wood, in his book Paddle Whispers, was refering to the tall, old, gnarled White Pine when he wrote: "There is no fairer subject for a picture than a pine. But the pine is the better artist; it paints pictures of the wind."  


Height: 60'-80'

Spread: 25'-40', open, somewhat pyramidal

Needles: 3"-5", soft, light green, tufts of 5

Cones: 4"-6", cylindrical

Soil: ph 4.5-6, course, well drained

Hardiness: zones 3-7

Exposure: light shade/full sun


Black Hills Spruce Landscape Trees

Picea glauca


Our favorite landscape tree.  A very dense naturally triangular (Christmas tree) shaped evergreen that serves as both an ornamental and a year-round privacy screen.   They are actually a subspecies of White Spruce.

Height: 30'-35'

Spread: 25'-30'

Needles:  1/2"-3/4", darker blue green

Cones: 1 1/2" rounded

Soil: ph 5-6.5, moist but drained 

Hardiness: zones 3-6

Exposure: light shade/full sun



Colorado Blue Spruce Landscape Trees

Picea pungens


A very popular tree which retains its pyramidal (Christmas tree) shape with dense horizontal branching. The dense foliage needs little trimming. Great either as an individual tree (nicely rounded), or as a privacy/windbreak tree. 


Height: 50'-60'

Spread: 15'-25' 

Needles: 1", light blue/gray green, prickly

Cones: 3/4" cylindrical

Soil: ph 5.5-7, well drained

Hardiness: zones 3-6

Exposure: full sun, good air flow


Balsam Fir Landscape Trees

Abies balsamea


Another Minnesota native tree. Balsam Fir have that classic Christmas tree look. They have the best scent of any variety and are popular for wreath making. 


Height: 50-60'

Spread: 20'-25'

Needles: 1", flat, soft darker green

Cones: 2"-4", purplish brown

Soil: ph 5-6, moist cool, acid

Hardiness: zones 3-5

Exposure: light shade/full sun




Fraser Fir Landscape Trees

Abies fraseri


A native of North Carolina, but doing well in Minnesota. They are noted for their deeper green and the silver underside of the needles. They make a beautiful ornamental tree and are often used as Christmas trees.


Height: 40'-50'

Spread: 20'-30' pyramidal, horizontal branches

Needles: 1", dark green, silver undertone

Cones: 1 1/2" conical, upright

Soil: ph 5.5-7, moist but drained

Hardiness: zones 4-7

Exposure: light shade/full sun