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Family Fun Activites

Make selecting your Christmas tree a great family fun experience at the Pinestead! 


We have a number of activities which appeal to both young and old so be sure to remember your camera.

First on the list is Santa Claus. Everyone loves Santa! He finds time in his busy schedule to visit the farm seven times! He will be here from 11:00am to 2:00pm on Thanksgiving Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the first two Saturdays and Sundays in December. Be sure to ask any one of us to take a family photo for you. When Santa is not around his likeness is in his North Pole home working on his gift list.






On weekends we have a free tractor drawn Hay Wagon Rideshaywagon that roams through the fields. Some people ride it out to select their tree. Others walk or drive to the fields, but later take a “just for fun” ride. The haywagon operates “on demand”. Just hop on at any time!


(Note—for safety, the hay wagon does not operate when temperature or wind chill is below zero.) 











Also on weekends we have the campfire going. It’s a great way to warm up while sipping some hot chocolate or roasting a hot dog. People love to sit on our antique tractor seats, sled and toboggan benches, or special sleds for kids. People also love to sit at our 10’ toboggan bar. 



We have Christmas carols playing and matching songbooks available if you’re inclined to join in an impromptu sing-a-long.

We also have some games and challenges around the campfire, including tic-tac-toe boards on the picnic tables, and our “find the phrase” and “12 days of Christmas” challenges.

Our food truck is open on weekends with a great selection of warm beverages and hot food (love the cheese curds and mini-donuts).  During the week we have complementary hot cider and cookies in the gift shop.

Everyone loves our animals. They don’t take any time off, so they are here daily for your viewing. We always have a couple of goats, which are everyone's favorite, but our celebrities do vary from year to year—in the past we have had rabbits, chickens, turkeys, a donkey, sheep, and even pot-bellied pigs—so be prepared for a surprise or two! 




Don’t forget the camera! We have several cutouts available for family photos—You can be Christmas tree ornaments or Santa’s elf’s or pose with Frosty and friends or measure the children’s height on the peppermint stick. 

Another fun photo op is our dueling toboggans. We see more adults posing on them than we see kids. Could the poodle be pulling both toboggans? 













The kids also like the challenge of finding Blacky the Bear (well that was his name last year, this year’s name is a secret—and he’ll be in a different location too). Our cut-out is modeled after a real bear that visited the farm a couple of years ago. It also made the cover of a national Christmas tree magazine (more at our Tooting our Own Horn Page). If the kids find him and tell the gift shop cashiers his name they get a candy cane! 



Quite often on weekends there may be some special events going on. Any last minutes changes or additions are always noted.

One of the highlights, which often brings out the kid in the parents, are the model trains in the gift shop. And we have seen younger kids get out of the car and be faced with a decision—Santa is over here, but the trains are in there!

And yes, we are Dog Friendly! Here is a photo of a group of kids playing with Greg’s dog Scout, our farm mascot. During the season she fattens up on hot dog scraps, poses for pictures with the kids, hops the hay wagon for a ride, and generally owns the place. We swear she gets depressed when the season is over and there are no kids around. Your dog is also welcome, but we do request that you keep it on a leash.  Phil's photo web site has photos of some of our canine visitors