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Holiday Gift Shop


If choosing your perfect, fresh Christmas tree starts to get you into the Christmas spirit, a visit to our large, 1600 square foot Pinestead Christmas Gift Shop will launch your spirits into the holidays! A short video is available.


Our shop has a vast assortment for all ages and all interests, and for your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover





We have several, beautifully decorated trees fresh from the fields, each offering different theme ideas and showing you how various tree varieties might appear in your home when fully decorated.


We also have a unique selection of Christmas merchandise and gifts not typically found in the regular retail outlets—many are selected arts and crafts produced by local craftsmen and artisans


We have several tree stands available, including stands for drilled trees (we offer tree drilling free when you buy your tree), and we have disposable bags for removing your tree, and other essentials. 


The Christmas Gift Shop is also the home for our Wreaths and Greens shopping, and the family favorite, our Garden Gauge Model Railroad


             Christmas Ornaments     Christmas Ornaments       Christmas Ornaments

Also, during this special season we all need to remember the gifts that we can't buy, but can give. This little poem by Oren Arnold states it well:


"Christmas gift suggestions:


to your enemy, forgiveness.


To an opponent, tolerance.


To a friend, your heart.


To a customer, service.


To all, charity. 


To every child,a good example.


To yourself, respect." 



The Gift Shop


A decorated Christmas Tree in the Gift Shop
A view of the Pinestead Gift Shop
Two views of the interior of the Pinestead Gift Shop for this year.