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Spring 2019 Pricing and Availability

Pinestead Tree Farms
 has beautiful conifer ("evergreen") trees for landscaping your home, including:




White Pine  3ft to 8ft
Colorado Blue Spruce  3ft to 8ft
Black Hills Spruce  3ft to 9ft
Balsam Fir  3ft to 10ft
Fraser Fir  3ft to 10ft


Conifer landscape trees up to 6 foot can be ordered as "balled and burlap". Larger trees can be delivered by truck spade. Our Conifer Landscape Trees page contains detailed information on each variety.


Buy direct from the grower at wholesale pricing (shown below). Our prices are heavily discounted from what you would pay at a nursery or garden center.  Thus we do not offer quantity discounts or have "sales".  Our prices do include a one year replacement guarantee at 50% of original price.  




Balled and Burlap Conifer Trees


Trees are dug, balled and burlapped on order in sizes 3-4', 4-5', and 5-6'. We try to dig the trees within 24 hours of your scheduled pick up to assure you a fresh plant. We are sorry but we do not offer delivery and planting for B & B trees, but we will load it on your vehicle or trailer. Please know that these root balls are very heavy, and if you are not interested in doing the pickup and planting on your own, we suggest you contact one of the many lawn and garden services available in your area to work with us.


Ball and Burlap trees are dug in early-April to Mid-May, and again in early-September to mid-October. We do not dig trees in the summer growing season to avoid severe transplant shock to the tree. Note that our trees are grown in light, sandy soil. If planted in a heavy clay soil, the root ball will not be able to drain well unless you create a berm or mound to put the roots above grade. 

Our discounted Ball and Burlap tree pricing: 
      3'-4' tree (typically a 24"/approx. 150 lbs rootball)      $79.95
      4'-5' tree (typically a 28"/approx. 300 lbs rootball)      $109.95
      5'-6' tree (typically a 32"/approx. 400+ lbs rootball*)  $139.95
    *We do not recommend purchase of the 32" rootball unless you have a skid steer or tractor to assist at your end.



Truck Spaded Conifer Trees

The much larger truck spade causes less disturbance to the tree's root system, and therefore allows you to plant trees in the 6' to 10' range. Because the larger spade creates less transfer shock to the tree's system, the season extends from early-April through the month of May, and from late August through October.






Our discounted truck spaded tree prices are: (note the $10.00 discount from B&B tree prices}
      5'-6' tree        $119.95   Plus truck cost (see below)
      6'-7' tree        $139.95     "     "      "      "     "
      7'-8' tree        $159.95     "     "      "      "     "
      8'-9' tree        $189.95     "     "      "      "     "
      9'-10' tree      $229.95     "     "      "      "     "


We do not have a truck mounted tree spade, but there are several independent operators in the north metro area. The cost can vary considerably depending upon the size of the tree, the ease of access, the distance from the farm to your location and the distance from the operator to your location. The operator always has to initially go to your location to dig the first hole, so there is always one extra trip required (two trees require three trips). We can put you in touch with one or more operators. However, we do not know of all of them.  If you know of one we will gladly work with them.


Our prices include a one year 50% guarantee on Conifer trees. 

Call us today at (763) 444-8206 or email us to discuss balled and burlap trees and truck spaded trees for all your landscaping needs.

When you buy direct from the grower, you know you are getting the freshest trees at the best price!  

 Landscape Tree Care 

To learn how to plant and care for your landscape tree. Visit our Landscape Tree Care page for "how to" information.

Fall 2018 Availability  

Landscape Trees        3'-4'         4'-5'         5'-6'          6'-7'          7'-8'           8'-9'           9'-10'    
                 B & B     $74.95     $99.95     $129.95  
                 Truck         NA            NA      $109.95     $129.65     $154.95     $189.95     $229.95

Black Hills Spruce     SOME        MANY       MANY        MANY         SOME          FEW           NONE

Colo. Blue Spruce     MANY        MANY       MANY        MANY          SOME          FEW           NONE

Fraser Fir                MANY        MANY        MANY        MANY         SOME          FEW          NONE

Balsam Fir              MANY         MANY       MANY        MANY         SOME          FEW           NONE

White Pine              FEW           FEW         SOME       SOME         FEW           NONE          NONE

Norway Pine           NONE         NONE       SOME        SOME         SOME         NONE          NONE