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Special Events

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) returns for a fourth year!  WWP staff and many alumni will visit the farm on Sunday, December 2nd (Noon to 3:00pm) to select a tree and enjoy the many family activities.  Isanti Pinestead is proud to host this event and honored that we have been selected by WWP to do so.

Many of the WWP alumni prefer to simply carry on as normal, but if you do become aware of one, then its time for handshakes, hugs, and, most importantly, Thank You's.

If you are not familiar with WWP, please check out this great organization at: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

Free Arbor Day Tree

It doesn’t occur during the Christmas season, but certainly a special event at Pinestead Tree Farms is the Arbor Day weekend celebration. You will be provided with a certificate for a Free Potted Transplant with each Christmas tree purchase. Visit our Arbor Day page for all the details.


Food Wagon

Returning this year is the food wagon.  You can still roast hot dogs over the campfire, but you can also purchase them ready to eat and enjoy cheese curds or french fries with them or maybe have some chicken nuggets.  Plus there is nothing like fresh hot mini-donuts with your coffee, apple cider or hot chocolate.

Santa Claus!!!

Our very favorite special event! Santa has agreed to take time out from his busy schedule to once again visit us a total of seven times over the holiday season. He will make appearances from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on the following days in 2018.


Thanksgiving Friday, Saturday, Sunday, November 23rd, 24th, 25th

First December weekend, December 1st, 2nd

Second December weekend, December 8th, 9th

Sometimes Ms. Clause comes down from the North Pole to join Santa. 

While we never know just when, we think it has something to do with nice weather.
T Day & PS 046



 We have prepared a short history of Santa Claus. It provides some background on Santa that everyone should know.  The big kids like Santa


Christmas Wish

Christmas itself is the special event and we believe this poem captures the essence of what this special event is all about.

What do I want for Christmas?
Nothing to buy, nothing to sell.
Family gatherings.  Laughter. Music.
Multitudes of happy children, warm and fed.
An end to the current war, and to all wars.
Water in the well, food on the table.
Companionship for the lonely.
Solitude for those in search of calm.
Understanding for the prisoner.
Compassion for those who judge.
Strength for the belittled,
Comfort for the torn.

I want what everyone wants,
But believes can never happen.
Truth instead of lies.
Generosity instead of greed.
Knowledge instead of fear.
Modestly instead of arrogance.
An open heart, an open mind.
To follow Life where it leads, 
With gratitude for hard times
And what they teach,
And, when good times come,
To pass them on for others to enjoy.

But if thse things are too much to ask, 
If I am silly or have somehow missed the point,
Thre is still one thing I would like to see.
A giant teddy bear for the wide-eyeyed world...
                                  William Michaelian